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Av Elmo - 16 september 2017 21:45



The painting of Vincent Van Gogh ' Almond Blossom' is one of my loved onces. While looking at this painting I am getting feeling of things going better. I realise my limitation and  create new possibilities. 

It has the blue ton, and it is so diffrent from other yellow Van Gogh's paintings. The blue is giving me Peace and Harmony. Enjoy it, kisses. Elmo.





Av Elmo - 1 augusti 2016 23:14


Turkey is one of my favorite countries. The food is delicious; nature is beautiful; Sea warm with krisatl blue water. People friendly, happy and helpful. The hotels are of very high standard, you get a lot for your money.

Av Elmo - 30 maj 2016 15:08

I don't like mondays, but this one was awsome 😊



Av Elmo - 28 maj 2016 13:05

Gdansk is one of the biggest cities in Poland. It's a place for those, who appreciate  streets art and good food. When you are visiting Gdansk you may feel , that you are carried back to a Middle Ages.



Av Elmo - 24 maj 2016 19:44

This week' s intention in my home is to the detox mind and body. Freshly baked garlic bread is not only delicious but very healthy. My favorite detox diet. 



Av Elmo - 13 maj 2016 22:07

Today I ate my breakfast sitting by the sea and watched Öresunds Brigde. The brigde, which is connecting Sweden to Danmark. The moment was almost magical. I just realised that, my first hour at the morning has always had a huge impact on my mood for the rest of the day, so I try to make it a good one. This morning I had started my day with a beautiful view and positive thoughts. 


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